At Turner Uni-Drive we take pride in our flexibility. Our aim is to exceed your expectations. Providing you with helical gearing, industrial gearboxes and transmissions, we will accommodate your requests for options and accessories – from the highly technical to the most obscure.


Rigid mounting bases are used to mount under the gearbox and raise it to an efficient operating level. This option is typically selected to accommodate pulley size and motor alignment.

Turner Uni Drive C-face-5M-gearbox-top-custom-mounting-150x150 ACCESSORIES  CUSTOM MOUNTING AND MACHINE BASES

Turner Uni-Drive will custom manufacture mounting plates and machine bases to meet your mounting requirements. This option is typically selected for retrofit applications to provide ease of installation or to incorporate the motor, transmission and other components on a single base.


Turner Uni Drive HMP-and-oil-recirculation150 ACCESSORIES  HINGED MOTOR PLATES

Hinged motor plates are used to provide a mounting surface for the motor on top of the gearbox. Hinged motor plates are adjustable to allow for belt tensioning and to reduce installation space requirements for the motor and gearbox.


HELICAL GEARINGTurner Uni Drive Helical-gearing-large-multi-speed-gearbox-150x150 ACCESSORIES

Helical gearing is typically selected and recommended for higher horsepower applications. Helical gearing has a higher load-carrying capacity than standard spur gearing. Additionally, helical gearing has the advantage of running quieter than most gearing. When combined with our gear grinding capabilities, helical and ground gears produce an exceptionally quiet-running gearbox. Helical gearing generates thrust and the direction of rotation must be incorporated into the design of any gearbox which includes such gears.


Turner Uni Drive Pneumatic-shifting-150x150 ACCESSORIES  PNEUMATIC SHIFTING

Pneumatic shifting is accomplished via internally mounted air cylinders and external solenoids. Solenoids are provided in a variety of voltages or can be customer supplied. Typically, shifting is accomplished at a remote location or operator’s control panel by activating the solenoids. Shop air of 35 to 45 psi is required at the gearbox.




Proximity sensors are mounted in the housing to detect the location of the shifting components. This option is selected with or without pneumatic shifting to provide positive assurance at the control panel of a complete shift.


Turner Uni Drive Oil-recirculation-vertical-output-lubrication-150x150 ACCESSORIES  LUBRICATION SYSTEMS AND HEAT EXCHANGERS

Shaft-driven or independent lubrication pumps and heat exchangers are available for unique applications. Lubrication systems may be necessary for unique mounting systems, for example, to lubricate vertical units. Heat exchangers are used to lower the overall operating temperature of a gearbox. This is only a partial listing of options available. We will gladly accommodate other requests.