Custom-Built Gearboxes

In addition to a full-line catalog of standard multi-speed gearboxes, Turner Uni-Drive provides creative answers to challenging problems. Our engineers and technicians are experts at custom engineering and assembly targeted to the demands of unique situations. We create custom-built gearboxes to suit any application.

When an off-the-shelf product just doesn’t fit the bill, turn to Turner Uni-Drive. We’ve earned our reputation for innovation by meeting the unique needs of the industry. Our industrial gearboxes operate in the harshest environments and under the most extreme conditions. Trust our specialists to design and manufacture custom-built gearboxes that meet your needs.

Cookie-cutter products don’t work for every application, especially if you’re working with old or outdated equipment. With a customized gearbox, you can ensure it will fit your machine and meet standard and specialty requirements.

We have decades of experience designing and building unique industrial gearboxes. Whether you bring the specifications or need help determining your needs, Turner Uni-Drive can offer expert suggestions and design options.

Let us help you find or build the industrial gearboxes you need when you contact us today.

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