Industrial Gearbox Repair

Turner Uni-Drive has been manufacturing, servicing, rebuilding and repairing industrial gearboxes since 1932. We’re proud of our history of helping to keep the wheels of industry turning.

Whether you need a custom-designed gearbox or a refurbishment, our experts can improve the function of your transmission with our services. Industrial gearbox repairs can be economical and make your application more efficient than ever before.

In addition to complete rebuilds, we specialize in replacement parts – even for orphaned gearboxes that have been discontinued or those whose manufacturer has gone out of business. Many manufacturers come and go, but Turner Uni-Drive is here to stay so you can depend on us to support your gearbox and transmission needs.

Turner Uni-Drive can repair, modify, improve, and reverse-engineer existing industrial gearboxes to meet our customer’s specific requirements at an economical price.

Contact us today to learn more about our industrial gearbox repair services.

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