Custom-Designed Gearboxes

Turner Uni-Drive creates industrial gearboxes that are depended on by industries all over the world. Our unique design and build capabilities are based on decades of experience in the power transmission industry. Since 1932, original equipment manufacturers have turned to Turner Uni-Drive to address their unique power transmission and manufacturing applications with custom-designed gearboxes.

Save time, money and engineering resources by letting our industrial gearbox experts be your design and manufacturing department. We’ve designed and built thousands of complete industrial gearboxes, and also individual components for OEMs. In some cases, Turner Uni-Drive is the original manufacturer. In others, we’ve modified industrial gearboxes to incorporate customer alterations or reverse-engineered an existing gearbox to meet our customer’s performance, cost and quality requirements.

We specialize in original equipment and custom designs for industrial applications.  Turner Uni-Drive is an expert at solving gearbox issues. We are flexible and can meet your design requirements. While we are known for our quality products, our custom design services set us apart. We’re your one-stop machine shop for custom-designed gearboxes and repairs.

Contact us today to find out how we can suffice the demands of your operation.

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